Ionic – issue with currency / decimal data

Ionic natively doesn’t provide any graceful input component for capturing user input for currency or decimal data (with defined precision and separator). With native , capturing user input in decimal format can get ugly, prone to validation errors and of course not a great user experience. <ion-input placeholder=”\$0.00″ inputmode=”decimal” [(ngModel)]=”entry” name=”amount”> As we see here, with …

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VS Code hacks

roblem : HTML Formatting ideally should have a feature to separate attributes on new lines when using format code. When using format code should be formatted as: Solution : In Visual studio Mac Code > Preferences > Setting search for html.format.wrapAttributes , change to focus Problem : To Clear the Cache in Mac > Open your terminal


Promise in JS got three states – resolve, reject and pending. Following example shows a reject state. Another example with resolve status Type the below in Chrome console and you will get the response in JSON format.

Codecept JS

What’s codeceptjs This library seems like a framework which is capable of handling your Selenium / Appium in the same code. Sound exciting for me. SO thought of evaluating …. How to add the step definition on your fav. editor like VS Code / Webstorm Add codeceptjs def. If it’s succesful it will give you …

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ES 6 Javascript

The idea here is to discuss some of the ES6 Java script titbits and just a simple comparison of the conventional way of doing things and much better way of doing things using ES 6 way:) I found this easier to check code quicker – For Loop Map Filter Filter – another interesting example …

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What is +ve and -ve Correlation in HP Load Runner Analysis Tool

The question is quite easy for most of the performance engineers. But when you work with some developers who are not that much sure about the performance terms, it’s quite important to give the proper explanation. So it’s better to give the proper definition in this case. – positive correlation means that a specific measurements “behaves” in the same …

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Test Automation Essentials: What’s Needed to Accelerate Delivery

This a repost from the recent report of Gartner. The original report can be found here – RESEARCH FROM GARTNER The Eight Essentials When Moving to Automated Software Testing When implemented correctly, automated testing can deliver strong benefits to support organizations in delivering software with higher quality at a faster pace. This research provides application leaders with …

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