How to use IE / Edge in Selenium c#

Hi Guys,

Both the IE and Edge can be used normally in your selenium scripts. like your chrome / FirefoxDriver.

Interner Explorer

For the Interner Explorer, download the IE driver from here .

Once downloaded unzip the file and paste the “IEDriverServer.exe” in your “localpath”.

And the usage is pretty straight forward

Driver = new InternetExplorerDriver(@"localpath");



Download the edge driver from here.

usage is pretty straight forward.


Driver = new EdgeDriver(@"localpath");


One thing to note here is Edge driver will only work if your “OS Version” number and the appropriate .msi file match.

To find the OS Version

Run this command systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"OS Version"

O/P will be   OS Version:                10.0.14393 N/A Build 14393.

Here the build number is 14393

So Choose the correct release from here


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