Test Automation Essentials: What’s Needed to Accelerate Delivery

This a repost from the recent report of Gartner. The original report can be found here – RESEARCH FROM GARTNER The Eight Essentials When Moving to Automated Software Testing When implemented correctly, automated testing can deliver strong benefits to support organizations in delivering software with higher quality at a faster pace. This research provides application leaders with …

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Statement & Decision Coverage

I though sharing the difference between statement coverage in decision coverage. Statement : “an entity in programming language which is typically the smallest indivisible unit of execution” Statement testing is a white box test design technique. Statement coverage checks the “True” condition only while the decision or branch coverage covers both the “True & False” conditions Decision …

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The Study of “How you know what you know” Epistemology is a branch of philosophy which help to test better!!! The practical application in software testing is that it will ask question like Even with out knowing about epistemology, you might be a good tester.But if you wanna be better learn this too – this …

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