Reference issue with Newton Soft Linq

Today I was exploring about the possibilities of adding visual testing to my existing test framework due to a business requirement.

So to get started with I installed Applitool, which seems good for visual testing.

After I installed the Applitools reference, instantly I got a reference issue with NewtonSoft.Json. The issue was that the an object called as “JObject” is being referenced by both Extent Reports as well as Newtonsoft.Json. So it was kind of circular reference

The easy work around for such issues is to

  1. Right Click the Newstonsoft,Json and change the value for Aliases from
    • global to global, Newton.
  2. Use extern alias Newton as the first line that uses Newtonsoft references.
  3. Then qualify the members with foo
    • Example : using Newton::Newtonsoft.Json.Linq;

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