Functional Testing

VS Code hacks

roblem : HTML Formatting ideally should have a feature to separate attributes on new lines when using format code. When using format code should be formatted as: Solution : In Visual studio Mac Code > Preferences > Setting search for html.format.wrapAttributes , change to focus Problem : To Clear the Cache in Mac > Open your terminal

Selenium moving the mouse over an element

Problem : ‘Hover’ functionality failing in smaller screens Real Problem : MoveToElement(element).Click().Build().Perform() works only when the element is visible in the screen. Easy Solution is move to scroll down/up to view that element, then click. Please find below, the complete code for Hover functionality including the scrollIntoView.

Test Automation

Why we need test automation ? The question seems simple, but the answer is debated for a long time. I would say the purpose of automation is to make sure that the application is working properly and is meeting the function requirements specified in the BRD. When test engineers run automation suits in this continuous …

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