Test Plan and Test Strategy

  • Both are deliverables 🙂
  • Test Plan – lists the activities in QA project, schedules, scope, roles, responsibilities, risks, entry, exit criteria, test objective…..
  • Test Strategy – Outlines the testing approach and is a subset of the test plan. Mostly static in nature and are generic. Examples make the task easy

Test Plan : Asset Plan is going to be tested by Aadhi (Suppose if Aadhi is replaced by Nicky, we need to change that in Test Plan).

Test Strategy : Individual modules are tested by test team members. It’s so generic and no need to change if the Aadhi is replaced by Nicky.

## Test Case and Test Script Yup, they are pretty interchangeable ??

But according to some guys, the test case is for manual testing and test script is for automation. In either case, they are the steps that we need to write in order to validate / check / verify the functionality. I think it’s clearer now

Test Procedure and Test Suite

  • Test Procedure is the test cases in a logical reason.
  • For Example – If I want to add an Asset into the Settings Page, then the test procedure would be
    1. Log in as an admin
    2. Click on the Add Asset in the Setting Page
    3. Add a new asset.
    4. Verify the added asset.
  • Test Suite is the list of all the test cases (long list :-p) that we need to test. This test can be part of a test cycle or regression or sanity etc.
  • For Example: In the second sprint (an updated version 2.0) of an app, I had 600 test cases written and in the first sprint I had 1100 (version 1.0 ) test cases. As the new version 2.0, I may need to test the sprint 1 & 2. So in the test suite, it contains 1700 test cases.
  • This is an example, test suites may contain 100’s or even 1000’s test cases as mentioned in the above example.

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