Test Scenario and Test Condition

Test scenario

  • Possible way to test an app.
  • Usually in a broader sense
  • We can achieve a broad test coverage by dividing the application into different scenarios.
  • Team members need to understand from one line of scenario
  • Contains a group of test cases.

Test Condition

  • Constraint to follow when testing an app.
  • It’s very specific.
  • It can be verified by one or more test cases
  • It can be something (functionality)that we want to verify.

I think it can better be explained with an example

Consider a web app for shared business space in which assets can be managed

Some Test Scenarios are

  1. Validate if a new room can be added by admin
  2. Validate if an existing asset can be deleted by the admin.
  3. Validate if the existing asset can be updated by the admin. The Test Condition for above scenario1 can be
  4. Enter the name as “Meeting Room -2” and check if the asset can be added.
  5. Enter an existing record – “Meeting Room – 2” and check if it’s added. So I think both are different :), but mostly interchanged according to the contexts of our testing environment.

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