TruClient – Wait for an element

HP Load Runner – TruClient

So guys,

  1. I got a drop down list called Countries.
  2. When I choose a country
  3. Then the states will load So it’s very easy to automate and I did that using Selenium. Now the issue that I want is put some load on that tests and do a performance testing on the same.

Client wants that in HP LoadRunner using TruClient. Then it’s a kind of problem. In tools like J-meter or WebLOAD we use protocols to interact with server but in TruClient we are simply replicating a functional test case.

So in order to handle those situation you can choose the end event as – Step Network Completed. which will basically wait for all the XMLHttpRequest

Other Events

Action Completed. Step ends when its action is completed. An example of an action is a button click. DOM load. Step ends when the process of loading a document completes. DOM content loaded. Step ends when the HTML parsing of the document completes. Step network completed. Step ends when all HTTP requests have completed including requests initiated by XMLHttpRequest. Step synchronous network completed. Step ends when all HTTP requests have completed excluding requests initiated by XMLHttpRequest. Dialog opened. Step ends when a dialog is opened. Automatic: Not Set Yet. The automatic end event has not yet been determined. after that assign the End Event manually.

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