Why you need a test management tool along with Jira

JIRA lacks test case management features. Test management like test case creation, execution and tracking are non-existent in Jira. An add-on like Zephyr bridge this gap. There are advantages as well as disadvantage in using Zephyr


  • Zephyr was built for test case management and it leverages JIRA’s existing bug-tracking features to manage test cases and their execution. It facilitates work in real time between developers, QA, and project/product managers, thus allowing for close monitoring and updates of the build for overall improved software quality assurance.
  • Integrates seamlessly with JIRA. after installation of the plugin a new ‘Tests’ menu option is included in the main navigation bar, and when expanded displays the list of test case management actions available. The options include creation, execution and management of tests, plus test summary and test metrics for monitoring the QA process.
  • Creating Tests : Test cases are written in the same way in JIRA as all other tickets and issues are created – using the ‘Create’ button on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • Planning the Test Cycle – Zephyr allows the user to create multiple test cycles and view them under their respective versions. Tests can be added singly to an existing test cycle or cloned as a group from another test cycle (also, one test can be part of more than one test cycle).
  • Executing the Tests – This option allows the user to execute any test case after accessing its particular test cycle; the user can even run the test immediately without including it in any test cycle (this is considered an ad hoc execution).

Cons, if you still use tools like Excel for Test Management

  • In the current testing process – test cases are written in excel which makes it hard to maintain and scale for future projects. Keeping track of test cases in different excel in different folders is very hard. Zephyr makes it easy to manage the test cases and test cycles.
  • Currently test cases are written in format which is not understandable to a new tester / a stake holder who don’t have much experience in the system. Implementing Zephyr for Jira will enable testers to write in a more detailed format and can be understood by stake holders including clients. [Training required to write test condition, test cases and test steps.]
  • Taking the test execution report from an excel is a tedious process to QA’s.
  • Currently there is no traceability between the requirements and bugs.
    • Zephyr with Jira got different Traceability Reports
    • Requirements to Defects
    • Defects to Requirements
    Implementing a test management tool will enable the stake holder to have a holistic view of the current test cases, execution and the test coverage.

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